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First of those students are accepted in the cartography programme who have a BSc degree in earth sciences. The curriculum includes a wide range of modules that offer courses on the techniques of modern geodesy, the representation methods of cartographic information, the use of computers in geoinformatics, the technology of map making and the aesthetics of cartographic products. Cartography is not only a science but also art. Students with this degree can find employment in the publishing industry, tourism, environment protection or in companies that need professionals of visualisation methods with the most advanced techniques.

The objective of the Master programme is to train Cartographers with a professional cartographic approach based on high level theoretical and practical knowledge. They are trained to be able to manage and coordinate cartographic and geoinformatic research projects as well as to have the knowledge and skills to solve traditional cartographic or information technology-based problems. The best students can continue their studies in our PhD programme.

The programme provides the students with a broad scale of knowledge in Cartography and Geoinformatics in combination with geography, other earth sciences, information technology, database management, web-based mapping services, etc. Students acquire the theory as well as the methodologies in the development and implementation of the latest visualization technics.

Cartography has become a modern and practical science again with the development of computerization. However, only few higher education institutions offer this training at master level.The high standard of the training is guaranteed by the highly qualified academic staff. Several of the teachers are involved in the leadership of national and international professional organizations of the related area and in editorial boards of journals in the field. Teaching is supported by modern infrastructure and well equipped labs. Upper-year students and PhD students help the first-year students in a mentor system to overcome their first challenges at the university.

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